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SAT Action Plan: How to Study and Prepare for the Digital SAT aka DSAT

Posted 2024-01-24

DSAT Action Plan : A 9-Step Study Plan to Prepare any Student for the new, digital SAT aka DSAT. Keep Reading

A Full List of Required Math Formulas & Concepts for the Digital SAT (DSAT) and digital PSAT

Posted 2024-01-22

A summary of all the required formulas and concepts for the Math section of the digital SAT and PSAT. Keep Reading

GMAT Action Plan: How to Study and Prepare for the Graduate Management Admission Test

Posted 2024-02-08

Everything you need to know about getting ready for the GMAT Focus Edition. Keep Reading

Why you Can—and Can’t—Trust Reddit for Advice on the Digital SAT, PSAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE, & GMAT

Posted 2024-03-10

12/31/23 : Google + Reddit is a powerful combination for test-prep news and information — if you know which "subreddits" to trust. Keep Reading

Rest in Peace, Paper SAT (1926 - 2023): the Digital SAT (DSAT) is here to stay.

Posted 2023-12-14

As of 12/2/23, the SAT is now 100% digital—with the exception of students with accommodations, who are still allowed to take a "linear" (nonadaptive) version of the digital exam on paper. Say goodbye to the SAT, and hello to the DSAT! Keep Reading

The New Digital SAT (DSAT) is Here: Everything You Need to Know

Posted 2024-02-29

The College Board has officially transitioned the SAT and PSAT exams to an all-digital, online format! The new "DSAT" is 1 hour shorter and section adaptive, which means that some test-takers will see different questions. The DSAT will also include an optional 50-minute essay section. Keep Reading

Logic Games Removed: the LSAT will be 2/3 Logical Reasoning as of August 2024, says LSAC.

Posted 2024-03-03

10/18/23 : Game over, LSAC! After a long, drawn-out, and ultimately successful lawsuit (filed under the ADA by a two visually impaired test takers) that began way back in 2011, the Law School Admissions Council will finally remove the controversial “Logic Games” aka Analytical Reasoning section of the LSAT—starting with the August 2024 LSAT. An extra Logical Reasoning (LR) section will take the place of Logic Games, officially making the new LSAT 2/3 Logical Reasoning, and 1/3 Reading Comprehension. Keep Reading

Class of 2024 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist Selection Index Cutoffs for the PSAT and SAT

Posted 2024-02-20

As of September 2023, the class of 2024 statewide SI cutoffs have officially been leaked! This year's National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist Selection Index cutoffs range from 207 (Commended, New Mexico, North Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming) to 223 (Washington D.C., New Jersey). Keep Reading

The New GRE is Nearly 2 Hours Shorter: Everything You Need to Know

Posted 2024-01-17

On September 22, 2023, ETS will debut a new version of the GRE that is nearly 2 hours shorter than the current exam—clocking in at a paltry 1 hour, 58 minutes. Keep Reading

The New GMAT Focus Edition is Here: Everything You Need to Know

Posted 2024-02-01

November 7th, 2023 : the new GMAT Focus Edition has arrived! It's one hour shorter, has no essay, Sentence Correction, or geometry, is scored from 205-805, and the new IR section—now called "Data Insights"—counts toward your composite score. You can even go back and change up to 3 answers! Section sub-scores range from 60 to 90. Keep Reading

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