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My Top 11 SAT Prep Resources, Ranked.

About me: I'm a Harvard Grad, SAT/ACT perfect scorer, and professional SAT test-prep tutor since 2002.  Below are my top 11 personal recommendations for SAT prep practice tests, strategy and learning books, online learning programs, videos, and the like:

1) Official College Board SATs and PSATs (about 30 total, but only some of them are freely accessible online).
2) Khan Academy (free) adaptive online learning program in partnership with the College Board
3) Ivy Global series of books (best all-in-one guide for strategy and learning) 
4) College Panda series of books (math only)
5) Erica Meltzer Series of books (verbal only)
6) PWN the SAT website / books (math only)
7) Ultimate Guide to the Math SAT (math only)
8) SAT Quantum videos (math only)
9) SuperTutor TV videos 
10) UWorld adaptive online learning program
11) videos (explanations to all 8 tests in the Official Guide, mostly free)

UPDATE, 7/26/19:  Read my simplified list of recommended SAT books on

Unless otherwise noted above, the materials are paid materials. In some cases (SAT Quantum, for example), there are free videos as well as paid videos.

I have ranked the videos lower than the books because I prefer learning from books and adaptive online learning programs to static videos.  In general, I would caution against a video-heavy learning approach, which is tempting due to its ease/convenience, but often leads to low retention as a result of passive learning. 

Good luck on your SAT and beyond!



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