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Private Consultants Replacing High School Counselors

Posted 2016-07-04

There have been several articles in the news recently, examining the rise to prominence of private college consultants such as myself, who work outside of the system and bring a fresh perspective to college admissions.
These days, more and more families are turning to private consultants after realizing that their high school's guidance counselors are often too overworked or unprepared to adequately prepare their students for the college application process.
I'm not saying there ar... Keep Reading

Which Colleges Require Both SAT and ACT scores?

Posted 2016-07-06

A lot of my students take both the SAT and the ACT, and are wondering what schools require both tests, all tests of one type, or some variation thereof. Here is a current list. Keep Reading

SAT vs. ACT (comparison and score conversions..)

Posted 2015-08-15

SAT vs. ACT considerations. Keep Reading

Harvard and Yale ranked as top 2 Universities in the World

Posted 2008-11-13

Harvard and Yale have been ranked as the top 2 universities in the world (#1 and #2 respectively). Keep Reading

SAT Score Choice, and SAT vs. ACT: What Do the Recent Policy Changes Mean to You?

Posted 2012-04-15

Brian breaks down the recent SAT policy changes regarding Score Choice, and the implications for this year's high school sophomores and juniors. Keep Reading

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