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Free Explanations to the First 40 Questions from the GRE PowerPrep Online Software

Great news, current GRE preppers!

Fellow GRE Tutor Vince Kotchian and I have just released a new book with detailed, exhaustive explanations to every question in the free ETS GRE PowerPrep Online Practice Tests (Exams 1 and 2 - 320 questions total), called Vince and Brian's GRE PowerPrep Explanations.

I am happy to announce that, as a teaser for that upcoming book and as a service to GRE self-studiers, we have released a free PDF of the explanations to the first 40 multiple-choice questions (Sections 3 and 4–Verbal and Quant) of the test.

This free PDF is 39 pages long and contains 45 bonus vocabulary mnemonics/pronunciations from our upcoming book, GRE Vocab Capacity, 2017 Edition, as well as helpful links to outside resources for GRE learning, practice, and strategy.
We’ve put countless hours of work into this book, and hope you find it helpful, as well as a measure of our GRE expertise.

The first book (Test 1—all 160 questions) will be coming out in 6-8 weeks, and the second book (Test 2 —another 160 questions) should arrive about 6-8 weeks after that.

Click below to download.

Vince and Brian's GRE PowerPrep Explanations - Sections 3 (Verbal) and 4 (Quant) of Test #1.pdf




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