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Brian R. McElroy is the Founder and President of McElroy Tutoring, Inc. He is a Harvard graduate and SAT perfect scorer with over a decade of experience as a private tutor and classroom teacher, specializing in SAT, ACT, & ISEE preparation, as well as Application Essay Editing & College Admissions Consulting. He is also an accomplished writer and best-selling author.

In 2002, he founded McElroy Tutoring, and has been working full-time as a Test-Prep Tutor, Tutor Representative and Admissions Consultant ever since. His Essay Editing & College Advising services were featured on the front page of the San Diego Union-Tribune's Family Section, and his Test-Prep Programs have been recognized as among the most exclusive (scholarships available) and effective in the nation.

In addition to his tutoring programs for high school students, Mr. McElroy has also provided GRE and GMAT preparation to aspiring graduate students for nearly a decade (2002-Present), helping them to improve their scores by up to 500 points on the GRE and 250 points on the GMAT. He has personally scored in the highest percentile (99th percentile or equivalent) on both the GMAT and the GRE exams.

Although not classically trained in music, McElroy has been an avid musician (Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums & Percussion, Keyboards, Electro-Acoustic Music, Songwriting, Recording Arts) for over 15 years (1994-Present). In addition, he excelled in several undergraduate music courses at Harvard University, including Composition, Music Theory I and II, Chamber Music and Electro-Acoustic Composition. On a limited basis, Brian offers music lessons in Guitar, Bass, Recording Arts & Digital Audio Production at a discounted rate.

Mr. McElroy resides in the Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego, CA. Private lessons with Brian (other than online lessons) are held at the McElroy Tutoring headquarters on Garnet Avenue in PB.

For his full biography, and the story of how McElroy Tutoring came to be, please click here.

-Harvard Grad, SAT Perfect Scorer, 99th percentile ACT, GRE & GMAT
-16 years of tutoring experience, 12 years full-time
-Expert Admission Essay Editor & College Consultant

Subjects Available: ACT [High School], Algebra [Grades K-8], Algebra [High School], Algebra [College/University], Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Cal [High School], AP & Honors-Level Courses [High School], Applications & Essay Editing [High School], Applications & Essay Editing [College/University], College Consulting [High School], Computer Skills [Grades K-8], Computer Skills [High School], Computer Skills [College/University], English [Grades K-8], English [High School], Essay Editing [High School], Geometry [High School], GMAT [College/University], GRE [College/University], High School Consulting [Grades K-8], Homework Helpers [Grades K-8], ISEE & SSAT [Grades K-8], Literature [High School], Math [Grades K-8], Math [High School], Math & Science [Grades K-8], Multi-Subject [High School], Music Lessons [Grades K-8], Music Lessons [High School], PSAT [High School], PSAT & PLAN [High School], Reading [High School], Reading & Writing [Grades K-8], SAT [High School], SAT & ACT [High School], SAT Critical Reading [High School], SAT Math [High School], SAT Subject Tests [High School], SAT Verbal [High School], SAT Writing [High School], SHSAT [High School], Spanish [High School], Study Skills [Grades K-8], Test Prep [Grades K-8], Writing [High School],

Highest Degree:
A.B., Cum Laude, Harvard University, 2002 (Government/Spanish)

Harvard University, 2002

Years as a Teacher: 16
Years as a Tutor: 16

Student Testimonials

"(Student's) ACT score just came in: 32!!! We are dancing around our house, singing about your brilliance as a tutor! Thank you!!"
12th grade parent, Santana High School

"So, this is how the decisions broke down: he was accepted by Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell, Williams, Pomona, Emory, Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, UCD, and UCI. Not a bad line-up! Let us thank you much for your help and good advice on this journey."
12th grade parent, La Jolla High School

"Brian makes it seem so easy...sometimes I just wish he could take the test for me! But on my last SAT, if I got too stuck on a problem, I would try thinking what Brian would say, and it worked. +230 points thanks Brian!!! "
12th grade student, Bishops High School

"Hi Brian! Just wanted to let you know that I got my ACT score...a 32! Thank you so much. "
12th grader, High Tech High

"Hi Brian, Happy holidays. I hope (student) contacted you about his stellar SAT score of 2280- we were all so happy! Many thanks for all that you did to support and mentor him with the test process."
11th grade parent, Francis Parker High School

"After spending 10 hours under Brian's instruction, my quantitative score increased from 360 to 610. Brian's easy-going demeanor and skilled guidance provided a clear insight into the arithmetic required coupled with the test logic employed. His former relationships with test-prep companies proved invaluable as we proceeded through the twists and turns of the GRE. Brian is an articulate gentleman, showing both maturity and responsibility while maintaining an approachable mien. He explains in down-to-Earth terms what the operation really requires, then translates that task into understandable terms. Brian gives you the tools to resolve the complexity of the problem into basic questions"
Lon McPhail, GRE Student, US Military Member, Point Loma, CA

"Hey Brian! Just want to share the good news! (Student) was awarded a $27,000 yearly merit scholarship, for a total of $108,000! :) Woohoo! Thank you for helping her prepare for the ACT. :)"
Parent, High Tech High Student

"I worked with Brian last fall as I was studying for the GRE to apply to a mid career Master's degree program at Harvard. I am 52 years old and was pretty intimidated by having to take a graduate standardized test and even "re-learn" (at best!) my high school math from a long time ago, as well as learn the best ways to take the test and think about it in this new computerized era. Brian was terrific, he quickly and expertly figured out what I needed to do and focus on, and what I didn't, to make my limited time studying as effective as possible. And he was a great tutor, explained things expertly without being complicated and was very friendly and supportive. He definitely helped me improve what would have been my score otherwise and do well on the parts I needed to. And I just was notified I got accepted to the program I was applying for, so it must have helped. I strongly recommend Brian to anyone, young or old, who needs to focus on this."
Charles Seigel

"Are you ready for this? (He) got a 2370! We are in complete shock. (He) really connected with you Brian...thank you so much for such a job well done. We will be recommending you to our friends."
11th grade parent, Francis Parker High School

"I was a personal student of Brian McElroy’s in the summer of 2007, and each testing technique and piece of pedagogy we covered in those sessions has followed me through university and leaked significantly into my own teaching. Brian guided me through a PSAT 230, an SAT 2210, and 800’s in my SAT 2 subject tests, and I am now attending the University of Chicago on an academic scholarship."
Tyler Ross, University of Chicago Class of 2012 and Current McElroy Tutor

"Hi Brian, I'm writing to let you know that (student) got a 31 on her ACT! We are all so proud of her. From a 24 to a 31...what an amazing improvement! We are all very happy here at the house today and I just want to thank you again for your hard work on (student's) behalf. Your services were not cheap, but we consider it money well spent! "
11th grade parent, Torrey Pines High School

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