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Hi and thanks for checking out my profile! 

I just want to share a few things about myself in this introduction.  First of all, I really enjoy tutoring students.  Nothing makes me feel better than hearing the student say "that's it?" or "That wasn't that hard! - light-bulb phrases"  Phrases like that tell me that I've done my job.  Often times, a question to the order of "Why didn't I get it in class?" follows.  The answer is that I take the time to see where the student is struggling and figure out which piece of the puzzle is sitting on the floor under the table.  Knowing the big picture, I can spot those little trees in the forest that can drive a student crazy. 

Something else that I love about tutoring the the challenge.  While the subject material may not be too large of a challenge to me anymore (I am human and have had trouble in these subjects and others), my new task is to determine a way to convince the student that physics is doable or that the calculus level derivative is really the same slope that was taught in an algebra class.  My style is to say as little as possible and ask the right questions to pull the understanding out of the student (most of the time, the student knows a lot more than he/she realizes).  By asking questions that I know the student can answer has several benefits.  First, as the student gives more answers, he or she is listening to him/herself - not trying to translate my hot air into english.  Most importantly, as the student asnwers the questions correctly, he or she is building confidence - I swear, confidence is HUGE.  When an incorrect answer is given, I will explain why it is wrong and the longer term implications of the incorrect answer.  This is not to say that I don't provide my own answers to my questions; I find it effective to let the student exercise his/her own brain and develop the necessary skills to master (not just get by) the subjects.  I have my ways of explaining the topic and solution, but I keep that Ace in shirt sleeve until I need it.  Or, I will offer (but not force) my reasoning to show a different angle.  Why force my logic on a student when he/she has already created his/her own strategy? So that is some insight into my mind and why I believe I am very effective in what I do.

I can meet in your home or at a public location.  The best way to contact me is by phone, since I am usually able to respond to e-mail only after normal working hours during the week.  I can provide some references of other students and parents that I have worked with if you like.

If you are looking for a highschool math or physics tutor, feel free to give me a call.  I have taken and passed the AP Physics/Calculus/Biology tests, so I am familiar with the pace of those classes. 

Whether we work together or not, I hope you (or your student) find assistance.  It is amazing what a few hours of learning and confidence building can do to for the student's understanding.

Good Luck!

Emile Davis


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